Internet Shopping: Good Or Bad

With the spread of World Wide Web, internet shopping is gaining in esteem in leaps and bounds.  There is an exponential growth in the usage of internet shopping sites. Faster delivery, good return policy, attractive discounts and many offers have lured consumers to opt the option of online shopping. Online shopping gives comfort of staying at home and things get delivered at their home as per the convenience of their timings as well. Internet sites provide many luring options which include a range of products to choose from.

A lot of sites provide options for cash on delivery as well which has increased the shopping from people who used to get afraid for sharing their card details online. It is a good development actually. This is like a reform in the online shopping business. The internet is only going to become trendier as time goes by and purchasers worldwide become more contented about the safety and on-time delivery of their purchases. This is the one area of shopping and conducting business that continues to have a positive viewpoint far into the future. There is a whopping increase in the trends globally in last few years. Nowadays in this hectic life, sparing time is the main problem. To deal with this problem online shopping has become the favorite option for the working professionals as they can shop at any time of the day and that too with the option of delivery at home.

This option is good because:

  • Attractive offers are available
  • Time flexibility is there for the working professionals
  • Nobody has to spare time for going for shopping specially
  • “Cash on delivery” option is available on various websites
  • Comparative prices
  • Range of products to choose from
  • Easy return policy
  • One can order from anywhere and it is not geographically limited
  • Reduces overcrowding in markets and malls
  • No pushy sales people are there to interrupt you while shopping
  • One can shop 24*7
  • Hassle free shopping experience

Nowadays various websites are being in use for selling and purchase of second hand goods as well. This option has boost up the market for second hand goods as well. One can buy online on the basis of various reviews available online while making the purchase.

But on the other hand, it has some drawbacks as well:

  • Poor quality issues
  • Fake product issues
  • Lack of services issues
  • One can easily become a shopping maniac
  • One can easily over spend
  • Hacking and phishing case has arisen
  • Hidden charges are always there as firms are always there to earn profits. No one is going to sell the products at lower profit margin
  • Complicated payment methods are there
  • Damage of the product is a possibility
  • Hassle of return of products is a possibility as well
  • Product might not be the same as shown in the pictures on the website

Online shopping is a good option for entrepreneurs as well. It reduces the cost of the entrepreneur as now they do not have to spend for opening stores, no salary to the helping staff of the stores, no maintenance charges as well as less inventory loss problem.

Even today with this exponential increase in the online shopping, people still feel satisfaction in buying things after scrutinizing them physically. People like bargaining in the local markets as well. People want to compare the quality of the products before buying them. Still people do not trust much on these websites because of their sour experiences. Bas reviews on the website about the product might leads to downfall in the sales. Fresh fruits and vegetables are still a product which people like to buy through physically visiting the stores or nearby markets. No doubt again this is the way which is hampering the social interaction as people are becoming slave to the technology instead of putting physical efforts.

Still if someone is getting good deals for the shopping then it is obvious everyone wants to grab the same. Online shopping is a trend nowadays and people start shifting towards this new approach of shopping. Surfing of these sites also relaxes the mind of females as well as they are able to know the latest trends as well.